Saturday, June 30, 2007

Welcome to my Blogg

Have enjoyed reading lots peoples different blogs, so thought it was time that I started my own blog. I've had a interesting year. Back in February I sold my business Aussie Scrapbooking Studio - that I spent three years building. It was both as sad and happy occasion. Sad as Aussie Scrapbooking Studio was my baby, but happy as it is now time to move on. I've had a lovely time spending time fixing up my house (that was quite neglected) and spending time with my children.

I am now considering my future. I am a midwife by profession and I am keen to start practicing midwifery again. I am currently working on my website and planning the different services I am going to offer. I have practiced in the past as an independent midwife attending births at home, hospital and birth centres. More on this later. Well that's it from me at the moment my children are getting a little physical with each other in their play - better go and do some negotiating.