Saturday, September 3, 2011

Supporting women in Public Hospitals after a homebirth transfer

This last fortnight has been quite stressful. It started with a report that a midwife had been reported for supporting a women in hospital who she gave a hot pack. The charge was she'd been practising midwifery without insurance. Then came a communication from MIGA (the insurance company) essentially saying that if a midwife stayed with a women after she transferred to hospital they would be in breach of their registration. This was shortly followed by a communication from the Australian College of Midwives basically saying the same thing. Yesterday sanity prevailed - Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency released a document clarifying this issue. You can find the official documentation on this page of AHPRAs website. Yes we can stay with a women who is admitted as a public patient as a support person. However the question of what constitutes midwifery care remains.