Monday, October 26, 2009

Homebirth Awareness Week: Celebrate or Commiserate?

NEWS RELEASE by Homebirth Australia
Monday October 26 2009
by Justine
Homebirth Awareness Week: Celebrate or Commiserate?
Minister’s Weakness and Bureaucrats ignorance continues

This week marks Homebirth Awareness week. Homebirth Australia fears that this time next year Australian women will not have the option of homebirth.

“It is hard to understand the hysteria around homebirth in Australia. Our maternity hospital
s are full to the brim, many of them churning women out conveyor belt style and yet this is considered safe, hardly! said Justine Caines Secretary of Homebirth Australia and mother of seven home born children.”

Mainstream Australian maternity care is not about women, women are rarely
consulted in the development of services, they are the main player and yet they have been silenced by practitioners who insist they ‘know better’ said Ms Caines.

Homebirth on the other hand is different. Women make decisions about their care, they invite a midwife into their home, rather than be
forced to meet the needs of practitioners and organisational convenience which happens when giving birth in a hospital” said Ms Caines

“The outcom
es from homebirth are also considerably better*. Women experience more personalised care and fewer interventions, they also enter motherhood happier and more content.” said Ms Caines

Something that is considered a normal reasonable choice in the U.K, The Netherlands, New Zealand, and Canada is under threat of extinction in Australia. Bureaucrats advising the
Minister do not even understand homebirth and they refuse to seek information from key stakeholders

“Asking an Obstetrician about homebirth is like seeking advice from a midwife on
caesarean surgery.” said Ms Caines

“Health Minister Nicola Roxon plans to fund midwifery care under Medicare, something sorely needed. She has however excluded homebirth. She did this against
all evidence and the express wishes of the women of Australia across two enquiries, one that broke a Senate record on the number of submissions received.” said Ms Caines

The question remains; Will politicians continue to be more responsive to those with deep vested interest in maternity services? It is time to
step upand listen to women, the very people for whom these so called reforms are proposed.” asked Ms Caines

* Victorian example of homebirth outcomes vs Hospital

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Jane Palmer wrote:

Pregnancy and Parenting Network

27 Hart Street

Dundas Valley NSW 2117

Phone (02) 9873 1750



Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond & New Beginnings Midwifery Practice

Invites you to our pregnancy and parenting network on the following dates for 2009 & 2010


29th October 2009

Natural choices for pregnancy and birth


26th November 2009

Ideas for Toddlers & Christmas Celebrations


21st January 2010

Pregnancy Testing


18th February 2010

Unexpected outcomes


18th March 2010



22nd April 2010

Birth Stories


20th May 2010

Pregnancy Experiences


17th June 2010



22nd July 2010

Returning to Paid Employment and childcare


19th August 2010

Pregnancy and Parenting for older mothers


16th September2010

Introducing solids, nutrition, food additives and food intolerances


14th October 2010

Open Forum


11th November 2010

Birth Techniques


9th December 2010

Childhood Development, play, preschool and school options & Christmas Celebrations

No booking is necessary. Please note that the group get togethers are roughly 4 weeks apart. The open forum provides the group an opportunity to discuss any topic and a guest speaker may be invited. The group is held at Jane’s place (27 Hart Street, Dundas Valley) from 10am until 12pm. These get togethers are casual and provide you with opportunity to talk about all sorts of issues in a safe, supportive and relaxing environment. Please bring a plate of food to share (anything you can manage).

As always, mums, dads, friends and kids are all welcome! See you there!

Love Jane and Robyn